Become A Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself

Volunteer Conservation Organisations

These are conservation organisations we are either personally involved in or know someone who is involved with them, with a similar mission in mind.

Reserva The Youth Land Trust

Reserva The Youth Land Trust (Reservaylt) is a non-profit organisation consisting of around 60 people, 26 years old and under, from 20 different countries. Reservaylt has as mission is to empower young people to make a measurable difference for threatened species and habitats through conservation, education, and storytelling. We aim to create a world in which young people inherit and help maintain a biodiverse planet.  In 2021, after a two-year fundraising effort between Reserva: The Youth Land Trust, Rainforest Trust, and EcoMinga, The Dracula Youth Reserve, in the Carchi Province, Ecuador, was established and is celebrated as a conservation first—an entirely youth-funded nature reserve. 


Our work at Dracula Youth Reserve has only just begun. Even as much of this precious ecosystem remains unexplored, it is constantly under threat from deforestation for agriculture and cattle ranching and gold mining exploration. Reserva is committed to helping complete the Dracula Reserve wildlife corridor and protect it from exploitation. While, purchasing the land is just a part of protecting it, Reservaylt and it's in country partners EcoMinga, ensure conservation of the land post purchase too.  



Global Youth Biodiversity Network

The Global Youth Biodiversity Network (GYBN) is an international network of youth organizations and individuals from every global region who have united together  with a common goal: preventing the loss of biodiversity and preserving Earth's natural resources. They have as mission is to build a global coalition of individuals and youth organisations to halt the loss of biodiversity through mobilising and empowering young people whilst raising global awareness on the importance of biodiversity. As the official group for youth in the negotiations under the CBD, GYBN is committed to bringing the opinions and positions of young people into the political process; empowering young people to take action. Recognized and supported by the CBD Secretariat, GYBN seeks to inspire global youth and future leaders to work for the sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity in order to ensure a healthy global environment and enduring societies.



Youth for Our Planet

Youth for Our Planet is designed and led by young people from around the world.

We are a calling on world leaders for urgent action to protect wildlife, nature and the climate. We're looking for young people around the world to help us grow the movement. 


CoalitionWILD believe young people are the change-agents the planet needs to be a healthy and thriving home for all life. Young people are more connected, more ambitious, and more impatient than ever before. Armed with a desire to not only want a better future for the planet, but to be a part of the effort it will take to create that future, youth are searching for opportunities to be actively engaged in designing the solutions they seek and using their voice. But taking that first step into leadership is difficult and often isolating and intimidating work. That is where Coalition Wild comes in.

CoalitionWILD is building a powerful, globally connected community of emerging leaders to transform the planet through youth-driven solutions. They work to create lasting youth leadership for the planet through capacity building initiatives that produce youth-led action, benefitting both the environment and local communities.  Through working with youth on issues they are passionate about and providing the supportive space for taking risks and attempting new ideas, CoalitionWILD is ensuring that we are not just providing the tools needed to create action, but are imparting in these young leaders the belief that they know how to use those tools best.

Borneo Nature Foundation

Borneo Nature Foundation (BNF) is a not-for-profit wildlife and biodiversity conservation and research organization that protects and safeguards tropical rainforests and the environment in Borneo. BNF primarily conducts community-led initiatives across three varying landscape: Sebangau, a 600,000 ha lowland peat swamp forest, Rungan - a 150,000 ha heterogenous forest, and Barito Ulu - a newly established site in Borneo remotest rainforests.  

You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.


Jane Goodall